Features and Benefits

LCA implementation can be data intensive and time consuming in order to receive comprehensive results; however, the LCA Calculator has most of the data pre-entered, creating a fast and user-friendly solution for Life Cycle Analysis providing fully comprehensive results from internationally recognised data.


  • Identify stages or materials where additional impact can be reduced.
  • Create innovative products based on sustainable designs
  • Reduce time and energy spent on life cycle and sustainable design research
  • Gain market share on sustainability
  • Persuade end-use purchase decisions
  • Identify the environmental impact of your product early in the design process allowing ‘prevention’ rather than ‘cure’
  • Prioritise simple solutions by highlighting the most environmentally damaging processes and materials
  • Identify opportunities for innovation

LCA Calculator Pro Features:

  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Large material and process database
  • Choice of metric or imperial units
  • Duplicate LCA’s to eliminate re-entering data
  • Ability to move parts between assemblies with results instantly recalculated
  • Easy to interpret CO2 figures presented
  • Ability to add unlimited parts and assemblies
  • Model complex supply chains with multiple parallel transport stages
  • Categorise material lists
  • Instant results

Corporate and Educational Version Only Features:

  • Create process materials and features
  • Share LCA data within a team