What is Sustainable Design?

Sustainable design means having enough resources for future generations and developing products that will not compromise the future of the environment. This also means not wasting resources, polluting the land and contributing to global warming. Life Cycle Assessment Sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis are the methods by which the impacts of products are evaluated and then assessed.

The LCA calculator was designed to help your organisation gain valuable knowledge about how to avoid creating and developing a product that may have a negative impact on the environment as well as a negative impact on business sales.

About the LCA Calculator

The LCA Calculator is an easy and powerful software tool for evaluating the effects that a product or service has on the environment over its life cycle. The tool evaluates each phase chronologically from the extraction and processing of raw materials, to the manufacturing, packaging and marketing processes, to the use, re-use and maintenance of the product, and on to its eventual recycling or disposal as waste.

By measuring each of the steps you can understand and estimate the total impact of the product. In many cases it will be one specific area that tends to have the biggest impact and the LCA Calculator will point that area out so that a change in the design can be made.

By understanding all the impacts, one can take necessary measures to reduce the environmental impact and make processes more sustainable and environmentally friendly. As well as for in-depth analyses of existing products, the LCA Calculator can also be used to quickly assess ‘what if?’ scenarios and identify changes and improvements to new product lines.

The LCA Calculator is the perfect tool for designers or engineers working in the field of sustainable design, eco design and life cycle assessment (sometimes described as life cycle analysis or eco-balancing).

By using the LCA Calculator you can:

  • Compare existing products with theoretical alternatives
  • Compare existing products with competitor products
  • Estimate the environmental impact of a product over its entire life span
  • Target specific carbon emissions of individual stages of the products life cycle
  • Tailor each individual LCA to cater for different world locations
  • Use for marketing and product eco-labelling
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