1. Where does the LCA Calculator data come from?

The LCA Calculator usesEcoInvent v2.2 data as its main data source.The EcoInvent database is ’ the world’s leading database with consistent and transparent, up-to-date Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data. is data is licensed from The Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories , the world’s leading centre for materials life cycle data.For a small number of materials where suitable data is not available within the EcoInvent database alternative sources are used or estimates made based upon similar process data.Where such estimates are made these can be viewed in the material notes.

2. Can I use my own data?

We do offer this service but you will need to purchase a corporate license.

3. How do I share my data?

Results can be exported as pdf reports or in Excel format.Corporate users can collaborate and share LCA’s within internal departments and groups.

4. What if I can't find the data I'm looking for?

If you can’t find specific data then it’s because our database does not contain it.

You will need to purchase a corporate license in order to add your own data.

5. What standards does the LCA Calculator comply with?

Analyses carried out with the LCA Calculator can comply with PAS 2050, and ISO14040.The LCA Calculator provides facilities for entering the notes and assumptions which must be documented for your LCA to meet those standards.Results are given as in kg CO2 equivalent using the IPCC 2007100 year GWP (global warming potential). The LCA Calculator EcoInvent v2.2 data, which is licensed from Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories , the world’s leading centre for materials life cycle data.

Visit the ‘Sources’ page on the website for more information.

6. How accurate are the results?

It is very difficult to get an exact answer when measuring carbon footprint as there are so many elements you must consider. The accuracy of your results will depend upon what assumptions you make and how closely those assumptions match the source data. No LCA can be 100% accurate, however the result from the tool will give you a benchmark and will identify which areas you need to improve on in your products life cycle to be more sustainable. All results are scalable which means you can get a quick estimate or enter more data and get a more accurate result.

7. Do you have any guides to filling out the assesment?

Yes, we have a support page on the website where you can access a series of video tutorials

8. Is there a trail version I can buy?

Yes, you may trial the beta version of the LCA Calculator for 14 days. You can sign up to a demo version via the website.

9. How much does a license cost?

All pricing is outlined in the ‘Pricing’ section of the website.

10. Will I need to install software to use this tool?

No, all you need is an internet connection and an up to date web browser.

11. Can I compare results?

Yes, you can compare up to 5 LCA results by going to ‘MY LCA’s’ and selecting the LCA’s you want to compare.

12. Can I export my data?

Yes, you can either download the excel data or produce a PDF of your results.

13. What if I make a mistake and need to edit my data once I have the results?

You can go back and edit data at any point. The results will automatically recalculate.

14. How manu assemblies and parts can I have?

You can have unlimited assemblies and parts.

15. How do I upgrade my license?

If your license is due to expire you will automatically be sent reminders to upgrade. If you are a business user and wish to extend the license to the corporate version then please get in touch via sales@lcacalculator.com and we will send you a quote.